Roll Form

A quick, low cost solution to create labels that can be used for serial numbers, product warnings and tamper-proof safety seals. Roll Form labels can be printed on a wide range of materials, with a variety of different adhesives available, depending on your requirements.

What are roll form labels?

Roll Form labels are designs that are printed, laminated, then cut to size. This straightforward process can have a very short lead-time, and can be manufactured extremely quickly. There are a range of adhesives available which can be applied, including permanent, low-tack and removable options.

Your design is hot foiled onto the selected label material.

One print colour is applied at a time, and can include sequential numbering or bar coding. We have a large range of materials available, from low cost paper and vinyls to higher specification polyesters.

The printed labels are laminated which provides a durable, transparent finish.

If any texture or a gloss finish is required it is applied at this stage. The laminate ensures the label is hardwearing, and is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Your design is then die cut to size, which can include adhesive-free areas for screens, switches or LEDs.

One of the elements that makes this labelling solution suitable for short timescales is that it is a linear process. The self-adhesive base material can be printed, numbered and laminated before being cut to size in one continuous operation.

An effective, fast and low cost labelling solution that offers complete flexibility when it comes to colours, base materials and adhesives. Roll Form labels are ideal for product warnings, tamper-proof safety seals and serial numbers, and are suitable for interior and exterior use.

  • The linear production process means these labels can be produced quickly. The material can be printed, laminated and cut to size in one continuous operation.
  • There are a wide range of base materials and adhesives available, which can be matched to your requirements.
  • Window areas can be cut in the labels, and they can also be sequentially numbered or barcoded.


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