Aluminium Nameplates

One of our most popular products, aluminium badges and industrial nameplates are hardwearing and eye-catching, with a range of finishes available. Their durable nature means they are perfect for harsh environments, while still offering a cost-effective solution for all labelling requirements.

What are aluminium badges?

Our metallic badges and Industrial nameplates are an incredibly versatile solution, as we have a range of different processes and materials available. From bespoke stamping of aluminium sheeting, to injecting molten metal alloys into steel cavity tools, our experienced team will work with you to create the most suitable labelling and badging for your products.

We print your design onto the chosen base material. The most popular solution is aluminium.

Other material options such as brass and zinc are available. We use the latest printing methods, from traditional dye-based anodising to high resolution digital and litho techniques, and can colour match to the majority of recognised colour systems. We can also include sequential numbering or bar coding.

Your metallic nameplate or badge is stamped out, followed by application of the adhesive and chosen finish.

We offer a large range of finishes, including brushed, spun, matt or polished. Diamond cutting and embossing can add to the detail and visual impact. To compliment the hardwearing durability of our metallic labelling solutions we can add either mechanical or self-adhesive fixing options.

Our extensive range of processes also includes Die Casting, where a molten metal alloy is poured in a steel tool.

The bespoke steel tool, or mould, can be used to add any texture that is required on your badge or nameplate. The molten metal alloy is forced into the tool, which remains cool, so the label solidifies almost as soon as the mould is filled. Finishes, diamond cutting and adhesives can then be added as required.

Give your badges an eye-catching, detailed finish with our diamond cutting service.

This incredibly accurate technique allows intricate detail to be added to our badges and nameplates. It is also a great way to add a ‘jewel like’ finish to enhance the visual impact of your labelling solution.

Aluminium nameplates and badges are extremely durable, cost-effective and attractive industrial nameplate and labelling solutions. An extensive range of materials, finishes and production processes means they offer a versatile product that will clearly reflect the quality and style of your brand.

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, hardwearing materials and adhesives mean they are perfect for harsh environments, such as the marine, automotive or oil industry.
  • Our metallic labelling solutions can be stamped from sheeting or die cast by pouring a molten metal alloy into a steel mould.
  • Aluminium badges and nameplates can be attached using mechanical or self-adhesive fixings.
  • We can add an enhanced, detailed finish with the use of embossing or diamond cutting to increase the visual impact.


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