Process Focus – Graphic Overlays

Our graphic overlays and industrial overlays are used on machinery and functional equipment, so are both durable and versatile depending on the requirements. Often referred to as fascias, graphic overlays are predominantly positioned on the front of products and can accommodate display screens and buttons, as well as print and company branding.

When producing graphic overlays, the first stage is selecting the right base material. This needs to be chosen depending on the products end use and the desired aesthetics. Industrial overlays with a high usage will require a thicker material for increased durability. It may also be appropriate to include a level of transparency, or an opaque or metallic finish. Available options include polycarbonates, polyesters, or vinyl.

Next, the chosen design and/or logo is colour matched and either screen printed or digitally printed onto the reverse of the material. It is also possible to print to the front of the base material, but printing on the reverse offers added protection by the substrate.

If required, lacquer can then be added to the surface to enable a write-on and wipe clean area. It is also possible to create membrane covered buttons and switches by embossing the material, or coating with a selective resin dome.

Before the overlay is cut to size, a high-performance adhesive is added. This will be selected based on the application of the product. If required, the adhesive can be gasket cut to allow for selective adhesive free areas. This is particularly useful for windows, domed buttons, LED buttons, and print free areas. Any cut-out window areas, or spaces for buttons, are then die cut along with the final profile.

To find out more about this functional and versatile process, please contact a member of the sales team: 01489 899555 /  sales@diametric.co.uk