Investment: Kongsberg X Series

At Diametric, we have recently focused on increasing the capabilities of our cutting department. With new contracts underway which require complex and intricate profile cutting, our team has been looking to expand our plant list with an investment in the latest technology to complement existing equipment.

We tasked our Production Manager, David Smith, with investigating the range of suitable flatbed cutters on the market and comparing how they performed in live demonstrations. He was quickly impressed by the Kongsberg X20, which is able to offer versatility and the ability to evolve to the needs of the company.

The Kongsberg is also a perfect companion for our Graphtec auto feed plot cutter, enabling us to increase capacity and enhance workflow, as well as broaden the material selection guide and cut a much larger array of substrates. Further benefits of this state of the art cutting table include speed, build quality and the weight of material creasing the X20 is capable of. 

Installation will enable a large amount of work to be moved from older equipment, with the new machine capable of cutting times which are over three times quicker. An additional advantage of the Kongsberg X20 is the limited requirement for additional tooling, which will cut down on our platen load and in turn reduce costs.

David and the team are looking forward to how the new addition will impact and increase production opportunities.

If you would like to discover more about our new Kongsberg X20, please contact a member of the sales team.