How premium audio equipment branding can elevate your product range

When your business is known for its premium audio equipment, it’s safe to say that you’re going to want, and need, premium level branding to match. Read on for our guide on how premium audio equipment branding can elevate your product range.

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Here at Diametric, our focus is supporting high end businesses with premium branding. From automotive to medical, marine to broadcasting, our services enable businesses to scale their reach and maximise audience awareness.

So how can premium audio equipment branding elevate a product range? High quality, elite branding solutions improve brand awareness, perception and equity; three factors that are crucial to the audio industry.

Of course, the reality is slightly more complicated. Here we explain why premium audio equipment branding matters and the different ways this can look for your business.

Brand awareness and brand perception: why does it matter for the audio equipment?

The more a person sees your brand, the more likely they are to remember it. ‘The rule of 7’ suggests that we need to see or hear a message seven times before it sinks in… however, since this concept was created years ago (and we are now living in an easily distracted world) that number is likely to be considerably higher. But the underlying message remains: you need to put your brand in front of your target audience.

Once you’ve managed that, you’d best be sure that it creates the right image for your business and product. This comes down to the aesthetics and quality.

When working with audio providers, this means creating branding solutions that match the premium levels of sound that their brilliant products provide. Predominantly, this comes in the form of high-end product badges, but it also involves delivering branded:

  • Serial labels
  • Remote control overlays
  • Barcode labels

It’s the full package, which is exactly what strategic branding is all about; building a cohesive visual identity that embodies your professionalism, expertise and innovation.

What makes premium audio equipment branding more complicated?

We love a challenge, and the audio industry certainly calls for a different approach to product branding.

There are two particularly popular processes within the audio industry that require an intricate branding process. The first is diamond-cut aluminium and the second is electroforming. Both allow for a really unique, visually appealing addition to product branding, delivering a precision finish while maintaining corporate brand identity.

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When premium branding brings new product innovation to life.

We had the pleasure of working with Naim Audio – a giant of the industry – on their new generation of amplifier, Statement.

Statement would be a revolutionary product; one that Naim Audio had been working on for a decade. Every component, curve and connection demanded new levels of engineering, tolerance and volume control; something that Diametric was only too happy to support.

Project lead at Diametric, Shaun Kara, said: “The thinking and the vision behind Statement really was out of this world. Every stage of the manufacturing was about creating the very best from a blank canvas, rather than looking at an existing product and working out how to improve it.”

You can read our full case study here.

The audio industry is vast; every single corner can benefit from premium product branding.

The beauty of premium product branding is that it serves a benefit whatever your focus. Just a few of the spaces in the audio industry that we have collaborated with include:

  • Premium home audio
  • In-car audio systems
  • Concerts and festival amplification
  • Recording studios

We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate any part of the industry. After all, our mission is always the same: to make your business and brand have as powerful an impact as possible.

To find out more about our range of services, contact a member of our team.