Diametric has produced the badges for the Trefecta DRT, a brand-new, high powered electric bike.

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Having produced badges for some of the fastest cars on the planet, Diametric knows a thing or two about speed.

But the branding expert has taken the term ‘fast turnaround’ to a whole new level this Spring, manufacturing the high-end badges for a brand new bike product in just two weeks.

Diametric has produced the badges for the Trefecta DRT, a brand-new, high powered electric bike.

The Trefecta DRT can reach speeds of up to 70km/hr and the battery recharges itself during braking or downhill riding.

With just two weeks until the planned launch of the Trefecta DRT at Monaco Grand Prix, the manufacturers needed to put the finishing touches on the products, in the form of the logo badge and nameplate.

But with just a fortnight to go until the big reveal, Trefecta needed a badging company that could manufacture and deliver the badges to an incredibly tight deadline.

Shaun Kara, account manager at Diametric, said: “Normally the turnaround time for a badge of this kind is about four weeks so it was a tough task to take on. We never back away from a challenge though and immediately set about looking at the ways we could deliver on time.”

Shaun said one of the biggest time-savers in the project was making the decision to form all of the letters and logos on one component. He added: “Getting it all on one tool meant we could electroform everything at once, saving vital time and with the added bonus of reducing manufacturing costs.”

The badge Diametric manufactured was an electroformed chrome plated decal with pressure sensitive adhesive on the rear and a front application liner. Electroformed badges and nameplates are an advanced branding product. They yield fine detail in a range of bright, satin, matt or brushed plating with various durable printing options, creating a superior quality product.

Shaun said:The benefit of producing electroformed nameplates is that you can get incredibly high-quality repeated duplication off the master tool, allowing you to reproduce logos in fine detail. With these badges being so small, it was the perfect solution.”

From briefing to manufacturing to getting the badges in the hands of Trefecta’s product designers in Holland took two weeks. It meant the company could apply the badges to the bikes, using the application guide liner Diametric had applied to the front of each one, and get them to Monaco on time, ready for their worldwide debut.

Diametric is now working with Trefecta to supply quotes for production volume badges for its products.

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