We have been a leading UK branding specialist for over 40 years.

Our manufacturing facilities, based on the Isle of Wight, are home to cutting edge badge, label and nameplate production technologies. Our service includes technical design support, in addition to advice on the most suitable process, style, adhesive and finish to suit your requirements.

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Diametric has a long and successful history working in a range of different industries, alongside some of the most iconic companies in the world.

  • jaguar
  • bose
  • hasselblad
  • triumph
  • flare


EXTANS design

Diametric’s most recent project saw them collaborating with the premium bike brand, EXTANS, on model branding decals and product labels for their iconic bikes.

Five Fundamentals of Business and Product Branding: Part 4 – Improve your Brand Strategy

You’ve worked hard on creating and building your brand, and developed authenticity, but there is always more to be done. To stay ahead of the competition, and ensure the strength of your brand doesn’t diminish, there needs to be a…

Changing the Face of the Most Famous Family in the World

When a company decides to rebrand itself, or one of its products, it’s usually through choice. This may be to take the business in a new direction or re-establish its mission and values. It could be to relaunch a product…