Supply Chain Solutions

While many businesses are starting to reopen and staff returning to work, here at Diametric we have continued to support customers who were able to operate within the government guidelines during the lockdown period. Both our UK and overseas plants have remained operational throughout, and have been preparing to assist those who are scheduled to reopen.

Due to the varying impact of the virus at home, and across the rest of the world, support from the global supply chain may not be able to meet initial demand. While we all hope the ‘new normal’ returns as soon as possible, we have started to see an identifiable movement with UK manufacturing businesses looking to reshore many of their critical commodities.

Diametric has been fortunate in this recent shift, by being able to support a number of alternative components using existing processes and tooling methods.

From utilising our aluminium nameplate process range to produce low and high volume CNC components…

to converting our injection moulded badges into decorative trim and enclosures.

Furthermore, both of which can benefit from the variety of post decorative processes already being applied to our badges and nameplates.

If you require an alternative supplier for any urgent existing parts or new projects, please do not hesitate in contacting us.
We’re here to help!