New Digital Print Investment

Diametric started the year with a focus on new investment.  With progress and quality at the forefront, as well as our long-standing experience in the industry, we explored the range of new printing technology that had become available.  The decision was quickly made to expand our digital print range by commissioning an additional high resolution Mimaki printer.

Mimaki UJF-6042 MkII

The appeal of this advanced flatbed printer was its ability to offer us greater diversity in meeting our customer’s needs for on-demand print production.  This includes the option to print onto a wider range of sheeted materials, as well as full colour printing directly onto products.  

Production costs and efficiencies are also key, particularly in the current climate, and we are confident this latest investment will not only support our productivity, but also expand our ever-growing product range.

The new Mimaki UJF-6042Mkll has proven to be best in its class for on-demand printing, and boasts approximately 20% faster printing speeds when compared with conventional models. In addition, the new clear ink system also allows us to offer gloss, matt, embossing and textured effects to a wide range of materials and products.

From Tufflex badges to injection moulded enclosures, and direct to product printing, the advancement in print finishes the new 6042Mkll offers has enabled us to greatly expand our finishing touch across the process portfolio. The LUS-120 ink also provides limitless design constraints when printing membrane switch overlays. Due to its high elasticity, incorporating hi-resolution artwork with functional, embossed switches is no longer a problem.

If you would like to discover more about our new Mimaki 6064Mkll, please contact a member of the sales team.