5 reasons to brand your medical equipment.

Medical device badging, overlays & labels are not just a ‘nice to have’; they are a brilliant way to strengthen your brand equity and take your business to the next level. Here we discuss 5 reasons why medical equipment branding, functional overlays and labels are a worthy investment.

Now more than ever, brand awareness and equity are king. 2020 has been a year of continuous challenges; especially for the world of business. And while we don’t want to dwell on the trauma of this year, we do believe that it has dropped a spotlight on the importance of a resilient, recognisable brand when it comes to the sustainability of a business.

The medical industry is no exception. While most of us will acknowledge the value of branding on consumer-facing products, there can be some scepticism when it comes to medical devices. Is it really needed? What difference can it truly make?

The answer: a huge one. Brand awareness and trust is crucial no matter what industry you are in. Especially when you are an organisation with a clinical and often uniform message. The ability to cement yourself in the public’s mind is fundamental. 

Why should you brand your medical devices? A major benefit comes down to your brand equity and awareness. However, there are also many more reasons that branded medical equipment can enhance and develop the medical industry.

What has previously been seen as an unnecessary expense is now recognised as a valuable requirement: one that brings with it an abundance of benefits to the organisation.

We’ve outlined our top 5 reasons to brand your medical equipment and what it could achieve for you, your organisation and your team.

1 – It will boost brand awareness.

The more you see something, the easier it is to recall. A well designed, easy to consume visual identity is therefore a key way to strengthen your brand awareness.

This works particularly well for public-facing employees; for example, staff that go out in the community or work directly with patients. It creates a more professional image so that people can instantly identify where you are and what you are connected to. 

Adding medical labels to the enormous abundance of medical devices is, therefore, a huge marketing opportunity and a great way to differentiate yourself from other medical suppliers.

2 – Medical equipment labels are a key way to prove and practice safety.

One of the most common ways that we are asked to brand medical equipment is with safety labels: they provide an easy, efficient way to display safety requirements and rules in an instant. This could include warning labels and precautions.

Plus, if you are a business or organisation that prioritises keeping its staff and recipients safe, you should make it known! Branding your medical devices with your logo or any tailored messages make it clear to everyone that safety is at the forefront of your agenda. This is something to be proud of, now more than ever.

3 – Medical device branding is durable and easy to clean

Overlays, safety labels and badges are designed to be durable and high quality; that means they are built to withstand the rigorous cleaning required in medical environments. 

Here at Diametric, we create these products in a way that means they can be continually wipe-cleaned. Particularly now, when deep cleaning is absolutely vital in the industry, this will not only ensure you adhere to safety requirements, but it will also instil a greater sense of trust in your patients who may be nervous about cleanliness and their own safety and protection.

4 – High quality medical device branding strengthens your reputation

Things that look and feel high quality have a cognitive impact on buyer behaviour. It therefore stands to reason that if you invest in a premium branding process for your medical products, your audience is going to react more favourably to you as a business.

This is a concept that has been proven in countless studies, including one delving into the impact of placebo painkillers. It compared the feeling of pain reduction during a series of shocks from participants who took a fake pain medication that they were told cost $2.50, compared to those who took the same placebo pill but under the knowledge that it cost only 10 cents. The former experienced considerably less pain!

This is why we ensure that our branding labels, badges, stickers and overlays not only represent the visual identity of the medical companies we work with, but are also of the best quality and materials to fulfil all of your branding needs.

5 – Branded PPE is free advertising

Brands can spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on advertising; just think of the added exposure your organisation can get by inserting a visual reminder of what you do (and stand for!) to your medical devices and products.

While the medical industry differs enormously from the ‘typical’ business world, the need to be seen and valued is still paramount. Funding, corporate partnerships and PR all play a huge role in the development of organisations and services in the medical industry. 

By boosting your advertising (for free) you will immediately widen your reach and increase the opportunities that come your way.

How can Diametric support me with branded medical equipment labels?

We are proud to support the medical industry with:

Due to the enormous demand, we have expanded and diversified our production line to assist in the national call for PPE; most recently, this has included supporting a long-standing client with the manufacture of the newly designed CE protective shields.

We are here to work with you – the client – to create a final product that is durable and open to rigorous cleaning, while remaining a flawless representation of your brand.

To find out more about our medical stickers and labels, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team