5 key branding essentials that your musical instruments need to meet.

When you’re producing musical instruments that need to be seen and recognised on stage, it’s vital that you make sure that the branding reflects the quality.

Music is hardwired into our lives – we travel the world to see our favourite artists and our days are filled with Alexa blasting out our favourite songs. And while many of us proclaim to ‘live and breathe music’, there are only a handful of us who can actually bring that music to life. 

Why is branding so important for musical instruments? Musical instruments are the lifeblood of the music industry – they also offer the perfect opportunity for artists to boost brand awareness to their fans But, how do you ensure that your product branding creates the right image for your instruments and the brand behind them?

Brand awareness and brand equity are crucial of building a powerful product.

Whether your business deals with musical instruments, automotive, medical supplies or anything in between, brand awareness is King.

Let’s face it: when customers recognise and remember your brand, they will be more likely to lean in your favour over a competitor. This is because you will be firmly at the forefront of their mind, and as such they will attach more importance and financial value to your business.

Truly exceptional brand awareness will result in a connection so strong that when the audience thinks of the overall product or service that your brand falls under, they will think of you. This, as a result, can help enhance your brand equity and perceived value.

Brand equity relates to how important a customer views a brand, while perceived value is the financial significance they connect to it. Both are equally important, and become merged to show how much a brand is worth.

If you want to be seen as a high-end product manufacturer, then your brand equity needs to deliver on that. Your brand should feel premium and exclusive. It should make people feel like they are a part of something special – a club that they refuse to miss out on.

Why does branding matter in the music industry?

Artists want – and need – the very best instruments so that they can bring their music to their fans. These fans will know what is (and isn’t!) a first-class performance. It’s therefore important that these brands are seen and heard by a mass audience.

But it isn’t just the way that the branding looks… It’s how it feels and the emotions that it evokes. It’s a full circle; and when it comes to the visual brand identity, it really does need to be impeccable.

Because when you’re representing a major music brand, be that:

… Or one of the MANY other globally renowned industry brands, you need to make sure that every line, curve and corner of that instrument is a prime example of your brand.


It should be of the highest quality.

A premium instrument deserves premium branding.

When an item costs more (and, as such, has a higher perceived value), you must make sure that it looks superior in its quality. That means making use of high end materials, finishes and technologies so that your branding stands out from the competition. 

It needs to catch attention immediately, drawing the eye straight to the brand. Electroform badges or aluminium nameplates are the pefect solution to capture a premium finish to your brand.

Clear readability.

Your branding will often display the name of your company or product – it therefore stands to reason that it needs to be clear and consise.

A small badge with complicated visuals simply isn’t going to cut it. It needs to be refined in its detail, so that people can read and recognise your brand immediately. However, when limited space is at a premium, an electroform badge can offer unrivalled attention to detail while maintaining clarity of our brand.

Musical instrument branding should feel exceptional.

Music is sensory – so, not only should an instrument sound faultless, it should feel exceptional too. This passes through everything from the feel of the instrument against an artist’s fingers, right through to the overall appearance of the producting and branding.

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