Tufflex Resin Domed Badges

Extremely durable and soft to the touch, Tufflex domed labels and badges are an incredibly popular, eye-catching way to add to the perceived value of your product. These domed badges are suitable for interior and exterior use, and can be created without prohibitive setup costs.


Pouring a controlled amount of resin onto a background creates a domed label. Sometimes called bubble labels, these resin domed badges will not shrink, fade or crack, so can be incredibly long lasting. As the materials used are also very flexible, these domed badges and labels are hugely versatile as they can be applied to convex and semi-ridged surfaces.

Watch the video below to see the manufacturing process in action.

Due to their extreme durability, flexible application and eye-catching 3D effect, Tufflex products are generally the most used branding solution on the market. We use the latest printing processes and Tufflex polyurethane resin to create badges, labels and nameplates with a gloss domed finish.

  • Tufflex products can accommodate transparent windows for LEDs and LCDs.
  • Their flexibility means they can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including convex and semi-ridged areas.
  • Suitable for most interior and exterior environments; perfect for products that have heavy usage.
  • Flexi-coat badges and labels are also available if a sharper profile to the cut edge is required.


Roberts Radio

How do you replicate two intricate royal warrants of appointment, along with other important text, on a badge just six centimetres long?