Industrial and Graphic Overlays

Machine or equipment graphic overlays and fascias need to be durable, accommodate screens and buttons, and match the company image and brand. Our industrial overlays will meet all your requirements, with a range of materials, adhesives and printing technologies available so products can be tailored to your exact specifications.

What are industrial overlays?

Sometimes referred to as graphic overlays or fascia overlays, these products are the front covers of industrial machinery and equipment. They are perfect as a solution that requires lots of cut-outs or raised areas, such as machines with a large number of buttons, LEDs or screens. We can print on the overlays to show branding or instructions.

We work with you to decide the most appropriate base material and printing technique for your requirements.

It is important to consider the end product when deciding on your base material, as high usage industrial graphic overlays will need a thicker material for durability, and you may require a degree of transparency or a certain finish. Options such as polycarbonates, polyesters and vinyls are available, in addition to opaque and metallic finishes.

Your design is colour matched and printed to the underside of the material, so that it reads correctly from the front.

We can digitally print or screen print the graphics and logos, and are able to include surface printed lacquers as ‘write-on’ pads. These techniques mean that the surface will be wipe clean, as are any areas embossed or coated with a Tufflex resin dome to create membrane-covered buttons and switches, adding to the durability of the product.

An adhesive is added and any window areas required for screens, LEDs or switches are cut.

The overlay is then perforated or cut to the correct size. Our team will advise on the correct high-performance adhesive to use, based on the application of your product. Our ability to cut the material according to your designs means that our industrial overlays are perfect for any buttons, switches or screens you may need to accommodate.

Hardwearing, versatile and wipe-clean; our graphic overlays can be created in a range of materials with high performance adhesives to suit your requirements. These durable solutions can include windows to accommodate the screens, switches and LEDs of your machinery or equipment.

  • We can colour match the overlay with the majority of recognised colour systems or sample swatches.
  • There is the ability to add domed resin or embossing for buttons and switches, which adds to the wipe-clean durability of the overlay.
  • Designs are typically printed on the reverse of the product, however we can also surface print lacquers or ‘write-on’ pads


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