Diametric Sponsors Assistance Dog

This year, Diametric has sponsored an assistance dog, Badger, to continue to deliver its commitment to changing lives by working with local organisations and charities.

The sponsorship of the black Labrador, via the charity Canine Partners will see Badger through his intensive two-year training course in the hopes that he will then be matched with a partner.

Once matched with a partner, Badger will become a lifeline – supporting with day-to-day tasks like walking and movement and more specialist skills like supporting his partner in the event of a seizure or a serious fall.

Donation to Canine Partners was suggested by local vets, Shield Veterinary Centre, following the rescue of a duck by Diametric’s Director, Graham Steele. Graham visited the vets with the duck, to remove a fish hook, after finding him at a lake close to the Diametric offices. In return for treatment of the duck the vets suggested a donation to a charity of their choice.

Diametric’s initial idea to donate then quickly evolved into sponsorship of Badger because of the company’s love of animals – with most staff owning pets, it was an easy decision to align themselves with the charity in a more personal way.

He said: “We’ve worked incredibly hard over the last two years to grow our philanthropic approach to the business. The value it brings to both us and the people we are working alongside is immeasurable. It has allowed all of our staff to see beyond the business and our clients, and see the positive impact we can make in so many areas. It gives us all a greater purpose and a chance to make a difference to the lives of people, and animals, around us.”

The impact of assistance dogs can be life-changing for the people they are partnered with, giving them a new-found sense of freedom, confidence and independence.

Diametric will continue to receive updates on Badger’s progress throughout his training and once he has been partnered with a suitable match.

To find out more about Canine Partners, visit their website.