Diametric Sponsors Assistance Dog

Our initial introduction to Canine Partners came about after a member of the Diametric team discovered a poorly duck. The duck was by the lake next to our headquarters in Swanmore and had unfortunately managed to swallow a fishing hook. After trying and failing to dislodge the hook, Graham (our MD) took the patient to Shield Veterinary Centre, who very kindly treated the duck with great success. In return for treatment, the vets suggested a donation to a charity of their choice – Canine Partners.

After learning about the charity and their inspirational work, Diametric wanted to offer more support. We became involved by sponsoring an assistance dog through an intensive two-year training period, from puppy to fully fledged Canine Partner.

The black Labrador, appropriately named ‘Badger’, began his training in 2019. Since then, it has been wonderful to receive regular updates from Canine Partners to keep us informed of his progress. These have included comments on his good self-control, ability to calm down quickly and follow specific commands.

The best update of all came in September 2021, when we found out Badger had graduated from his training and had been matched with a partner of his own. The impact of assistance dogs can be life-changing for the people they are partnered with, giving them a new-found sense of freedom, confidence, and independence.

Graham commented, “we’ve worked especially hard to grow our philanthropic approach to the business. The value it brings to both us and the people we are working alongside is immeasurable. It has allowed all of our staff to see beyond the business and our clients, and see the positive impact we can make in so many areas. It gives us all a greater purpose and a chance to make a difference to the lives of people, and animals, around us.”

We are incredibly proud of Badger and wish him and his new family all the best for the future.