Diametric poised for success as UK car manufacturing hits record highs

At a time when there is wider uncertainty in the UK, one of the largest trade bodies for the automotive industry has reported on a stellar year for the car manufacturing industry, with production reaching record levels in 2016.

Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), show that output hit its highest level in 17 years with over 1.6 million cars rolling off the production lines. Not only has production increased overall (9.6% on last year) but there was also an uplift in the home market and global demand has meant nearly 1.2 million cars were shipped overseas.

All of this is encouraging for Diametric as leading suppliers of precision and nameplates to big names in the UK automotive industry. Graham Steele, Managing Director said, “This is excellent news for the year ahead. The substantial growth over the last year highlights that the automotive manufacturing industry isn’t just surviving, it’s flourishing.

“At Diametric we work closely with some of the UK’s biggest brands and we can say that our experience throughout 2016 reflects the positive news from SMMT. This growth provides a great opportunity for us and we look forward to meeting the demand it’s creating as we move into 2017.”

Diametric are a strong presence in manufacturing on the South coast and continue to champion UK-based production. This is reflected at all levels, with SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes commenting; “Made in Britain is a badge coveted by car buyers worldwide, and these latest figures highlight not just international appeal but also the fact that the UK is a globally competitive place to make cars.”

To find out more about what Diametric has to offer, take a look at the company’s automotive page.