Diametric invests in workforce and accreditation to see rewards in automotive industry

Diametric is starting 2016 as it means to go on by continuing its investment in quality to help the business grow.

With a well-trained workforce and accredited and qualified team, Diametric works as a partner with its customers to ensure they receive the precisely engineered products Diametric is known for.

In 2015 Diamteric was proud to be named as a new member of the Made in Britain Marque, which recognises businesses who are helping to keep the manufacturing industry growing steadily across the UK.

Diametric has also been accredited with the ISO9001 and 14001 international quality management standards for some time and achieved the ISO TS16949 in early 2015. The standard is specifically for the automotive industry and shows that the company is serious about satisfying the demands of vehicle manufacturers.

Quality control and problem solving processes are applied at every stage of manufacturing. The processes are cyclical ensuring products are continuously checked and no detail is overlooked.

Graham Steele, managing director of Diametric, said: “Car manufacturers have moved beyond treating their supply chain as if they were simply suppliers; they’re more like partners now. They can push their suppliers for innovative leaps forward, just as we can push them, but only if we’re willing to put in the investment.”

To meet its key aim of 100 per cent on time delivery with zero per cent rejects, Diametric recognises the importance of a well-trained workforce. Bridging the skills gap in UK manufacturing is an issue that Diametric aims to address.

Graham said: “What is abundantly clear is the manufacturing industry needs to empower and educate more young people to engage with STEM subjects. If we provide the right tools and technologies at the right time in people’s lives, we will reignite attitudes in a very exciting sector.

“The industry has definitely changed for the better, but you need to have the best, well-trained workforce and you have to invest in getting accredited and setting up a quality team.”