Nyetimber English Sparkling Wine

Diametric took centre stage creating the perfect look for the exclusive Nyetimber 1086 Prestige Cuvee which was launched at The Ritz London in September.



Diametric took centre stage creating the perfect look for the exclusive Nyetimber 1086 Prestige Cuvee which was launched at The Ritz London in September.

Pioneers in English sparkling wine Nyetimber, wanted something exceptional for the white and rose bottles of England’s first prestige cuvee.

Steering away from paper labels, Nyetimber needed a look and finish that would convey the uniqueness of the cuvee, blended from a selection of over 90 different Nyetimber wines. The specification was for a label that had a premium finish, with more depth and 3D features than a paper label. It needed to be tactile, adding another sensation to the experience of the wine.

Diametric recommended an embossed aluminium badge for the bottles that conveyed their sophisticated, powerful brand that is also steeped in heritage.

Creating something bespoke naturally came with a unique set of challenges. To get the sharpness and detail of the embossing, Diametric undertook numerous material thickness tests and chose a 0.3mm thick aluminium. Printing on to aluminium also requires a different approach to colour matching. Looking at various colour swatches, the colours were assessed on the aluminium until a match was found for Nyetimber’s branding.

The original specification was for the badges to be supplied to Nyetimber flat, but applying the badges to the bottles was proving tricky so Nyetimber asked Diametric to come up with a solution. Diametric set to work to producing samples of the badges with a formed profile, so that when it came to placing on the bottles it was a perfect fit. An additional forming process to an approved radius was then incorporated in to the production.

Nyetimber, said: “Working with Diametric on the badges for the Nyetimber 1086 bottles was a pleasure. Whatever problems we threw at them, they set out to solve and they have created a look and feel that truly symbolises the uniqueness of Nyetimber. Adding the forming to the badges also made our lives a lot easier, the whole process has been seamless.”

Shaun Kara, Sales Manager who directed the project for Diametric, explained: “From start to finish it was challenging to find the correct material. It needed to wrap around the contours of the bottles and hold the embossed details within the design, without losing any of the detail which, being aluminium, is sensitive to pressure. It also needed to withstand various cooling temperatures and being submerged in ice and water while the bottles are being stored and served.”

Diametric threw themselves into this challenging job after being recommended by London design company Made Thought who created the initial design concepts and on-going development of the project.

Graham Steele, Managing Director at Diametric, said: “Our ethos is to innovate continuously and one of the best ways of doing this is by listening to our customers. When we’re presented with something unique, or challenging, we jump at the chance because we recognise it as a opportunity to grow and to explore new industries. It’s been a pleasure working with Nyetimber and we’re incredibly proud of the results.”