LINN – pioneering audio

An awe-inspiring masterpiece which conveyed the highest level of detail to support a next generation flagship streamer.



An awe-inspiring masterpiece which conveyed the highest level of detail was the call to support a next generation flagship streamer.  Premium audio specialists, Linn, requested Diametric’s assistance to help add the finishing touch to their latest product.

When Linn initially approached Diametric, the brief was to manufacture a superior control dial to compliment the high level of design and craftsmanship they had put into their new precision machined music streamer.  As branding specialists, we understand the influence and power a badge has to reflect the innovation and expertise that goes into developing a product. 

The original concept for the dial was based on a single component which allowed diffused light to transmit through selective areas.  After an initial review, there were concerns about how this could be achieved in a cost-effective manner.  Linn evaluated the design and opted to extract the detail into a multi-component part, to broaden the design and manufacturing process capabilities.

Diametric were tasked with devising the central section of the unit, which contained Linn’s trademark logo.  This itself was challenging as the logo is made up with separate elements, most notably a concentric ring pattern finish that had to align between each section.  Furthermore, consideration needed to be given to the final assembly to ensure minimal tolerances were consistently met.

Two options were produced using the electroforming process as initial samples, with and without the concentric rings, for Linn to evaluate alternative finishes.  Linn selected the concentric ring version, as this provided a better appearance when light diffracted from the surface of the decal. 

As the badge evolved, further adjustments were made to improve the pitch of the concentric rings, as well as refinement of the edge detail and the adhesive area on the rear.  To ensure perfect alignment during the assembly process, we were also able to utilise the front liner of the badge by adding a section to support accurate positioning.

Consistency throughout the plating process was also crucial and the brief for a badge that epitomised attention to detail meant there was a strive for perfection during the production process.  This meant ensuring the parts were able to release from the plate without deformation occurring.  When this was achieved consistently, and replicated during production volumes, final samples were submitted to Linn and approved. The finished product has been an overall success and Diametric is proud to have been part of the process.  Linn states, “the dial is a badge of pride, a visible reflection of the attention to detail and incredible engineering that lies inside this extraordinary enclosure.”