Diametric has helped a growing Jersey audio company crack the European luxury market by producing a vital component of its product.



Diametric has helped a growing Jersey audio company crack the European luxury market by producing a vital component of its product.

Diametric, which predominantly produces product branding, badges and nameplates for companies in the UK and overseas, provided the essential finishing touch to JoSound Limited’s new flagship product “Ra”, in the form of its terminal mounting plate.

Ra is the latest product from growing company, JoSound, which hand-crafts high-end loudspeakers from its production base in Swindon. Featuring impeccable quality audio drivers housed within JoSound’s, now trademark, bamboo cabinets, the Ra was created in partnership with German loudspeaker manufacturer, Voxativ, to be a unique, eco-friendly and upgradeable high-end loudspeaker.

Having worked with Diametric on a number of projects before and been impressed with the results, JoSound’s managing director, Joe Jouhal, turned to the Hampshire-based company to produce the mounting plates for the product.

Due to the fact the Ra was being marketed as a high-end, luxury product, every aspect of the Ra’s manufacturing had to exude excellence. To hit the brief Diametric took a three-step approach to the manufacture of the mounting plates and took into account the best materials and process to create a high perceived value along the way.

The first step was to select the material for the plate. 3mm aluminium was chosen for its rigidity. The aluminium was then fully anodised black to give a slick, luxurious look that tied in to the feel of the overall product. The anodising process also offers a high level of durability due to the black dye being impregnated deep into the aluminium – a vital quality for a high-end product that will be used for decades.

The second step was to laser etch the necessary wording into the plate. This would give high definition on items such as the sequential serial number and the wording ‘Made in Great Britain’.

The final stage was to use Diametric’s electroforming process to replicate in ultimate detail the words ‘Voxativ by JoSound’. Electroforming works by using a nickel based metal that is deposited onto a master tool to produce an extremely accurate reproduction of fine details and textures. A metal skin is built up on an electro-conductive surface plate, and once it is at its desired thickness the electroformed part is stripped off. The resulting form is then coated in chrome and gold.

Anso Dietrichsen, Account Co-ordinator at Diametric, said: “This is yet another example of how we can use different materials and processes to add perceived value to a brand. With over 30 years of experience in badging and component manufacture, we were able to instantly give JoSound our recommendation on the best metal and process to hit its brief. The finished product looks outstanding and we are very proud to have played a part in it.”

Joe Jouhal said: “The finished mounting plates are truly things of beauty, mechanically, visually and to the touch: just what our flagship “Ra” deserves. Well done to the entire Diametric team, great engineering, great people that are reliable, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. Overall a great business partner.”

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