Rockstar Data

Diametric stepped up to the challenge when Rockstar Data wanted three badges on one product all made with different processes.

Processes Used
About the project

When you have personally hand built every unit you need the finishing touches on your product to reflect the extraordinary equipment on the inside.

Rockstar Data came to Diametric looking for a high quality finish to the Rockstar Ant, a shared storage solution designed specifically for smaller user groups. Designed to look like a speaker box, it gives creative SMEs the speed, capacity, scalability and simplicity they need, without breaking the bank.

Rockstar Data also wanted three badges on one product all made with different processes. Diametric stepped up to the challenge and was able to produce types of badging for the Rockstar Ant including a domed badge, a brushed aluminium top panel and an embossed aluminium logo.

Diametric immediately set to work giving multiple options to the customer at every stage of production. This allowed the staff to give their expert advice on the practicalities of choosing one process over another, taking into account the usage of the product.

Claire Summerton, sales account manager at Diametric, said: “We relished the chance to apply three different processes to one product and we were able to do this because of the bespoke work that we do. It’s never just a package job at Diametric, we really had to consider which process would work best in each case.”

The devil was in the detail for this project as Diametric was even able to pick out the tiny spindly legs of the Rockstar Ant on the embossed aluminium logo.

Claire said: “We’re very proud of how much detail there is displayed in the embossed aluminium logo, despite how fine some elements of the design are.”

Anthony Ryan, Senior Systems Architect at Rockstar Data, said: “Diametric was brilliant from start to finish. I can’t fault the service they provided and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for anything similar.”

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